Club Days
The DEC grounds are usually open on Wednesday mornings for members to ride and have a cuppa/socialise afterwards. Please check with a committee member or on the Facebook group if you are unsure. When it is very hot or wet this situation may vary. Members may also ride on a Thursday morning. You must arrange for another rider or adult to be with you. The club rooms may not be open on a Thursday.

Henty holds a number of events and clinics throughout the year. Please see the DEC Calendar for all upcoming events or Join our Facebook Group. Events are also listed on nominate.

Non Club/Event days use
Henty members can ride at the grounds outside club days or events. Please follow the below steps to book.

– Please refer to the full calendar of DEC Grounds. If another DEC club is using the grounds your booking will be declined.

– Use the booking button below to book your ride.

– Wait for confirmation from bookings officer before you ride at the grounds.

Full Member & Committee Information